Helpful Resources

Like to know more about local and regional organizations?  See our helpful links to organizations that may interest you.  From gardening for wildlife, advice from wildlife specialists, and getting a deeper level of knowledge, the information is just a click away.

Illinois Audubon Society is our parent organization; we became a chapter of IAS in 1965.

Wildflower Propagation and Preservation Committee

The WPPC sells native plants, hosts an annual conference on natural landscaping, and has a mentoring program to help new native gardeners.

National Wildlife Federation

The National Wildlife Federation has a large, long-term program promoting “Backyard Wildlife Habitat”.  Extensive resources are available on this website.

The Xerces SocietyThe Xerces Society has many resources for promoting and preserving native pollinators.

Butterflies as Habitat Indicators

Trees for Wildlife: Comparisons between Swink and Wilhelm C Values and Wildlife Food Values for the Chicago Region.  Coming Soon

The Morton Arboretum 

Illinois Natural History Survey links for Natural Landscaping

Keep Cats Indoors:  Domestic cats kill millions of birds each year.

Chicago Wilderness  A regional organization that promotes natural habitats and natural landscaping.

Living with Wildlife/Wildlife Problems: Tips from the Illinois Natural History Survey

Identifying Local Animals - a Harper College Key developed by our own MCA past president Randy Schietzelt