Osprey News

Written By Lisa Maier

I’m happy to report that there was a successful nesting of Osprey at Moraine Hills State Park this year. Sightings of Osprey sitting on the nesting platform started showing up on eBird in April and May. In late August, my husband and I were lucky to catch what looked to be the fledgling’s first flight.

While walking along the trail, we could see the juvie Osprey sitting on the platform. It was calling constantly as the adult Osprey circled above the it, seemingly trying to coax the juvie out of the nest. This went on for quite some time, the juvie flapping and stretching its wings on the nest but not sure if it was ready to take off or not. Finally, the juvenile took off over the edge of the platform and successfully flew up towards the adult. The juvie and adult were flying together in circles and waves around Lake Defiance in a seemingly joyous way, as if to celebrate. Eventually they flew off out of sight. When we returned to the platform about an hour and a half later, the Osprey had not returned to the nest. Hopefully we will have another successful nesting pair next year!

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